BenQ XL2730 Monitor - Someone have one to help?

  Seibel123k 19:26 07 Jan 2019

Okay so I have the above gaming monitor for my PC, ive had it a few years (cost 500 new). However I recently moved house and managed to leave what looks like a ugly scratch right in the middle of it. However after taking it apart, it turns out the scratch was only on the surface of the matte Anti Glare screen cover that comes on it. Ive managed after some hard work to get this cover off and the screen is shiny and new again... However i have an issue now. This is going to be technical and take some explaining, and will only make sense to someone else with the same monitor, who will hopefully be willing to pop the screen out of the bezel and look at the back (it litterally just pops off the front with a little force and isnt very technical.

When taking the screen out of the Bezel. connected to the back of the screen are 4 big cables. 3 of which are those real thin flat wide black cables, these are also labelled 1, 2 and 3, nice and easy. However the 4th connection is basically lots of tiny wires, all wrapped inside one big black cable cover (kind of like one big black wire. However at the end of this all of the individual tiny wires then enter the plastic connection, which is the part that plugs into the back of the monitor... when undoing this ive managed to pull about half of these little tiny wires out of their correct slots in the plastic connection... Im at work currently so cant include a picture, but would 100% make sense to someone looking in the back of their monitor. Putting these wires back in is no problem with a pair of tweezers, ive tested it out and can get them in the slots no problem. What im hoping is if somebody could take me a picture of theirs so i can see which colour wires go where in this connection (you wouldnt even need to disconnect it), ive tried the BenQ technical help, but apparently they cannot help me with this.... joke really. But obviously each wire will need to be in the correct correpsonding slot, and i dont really want to buy a new monitor when this is easily fixable!

Hopefully someone here can though! Thanks in advance

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