Crookie 23:47 28 Nov 2004

I have just fitted a new DVD-ROM as above, but I have severe problems.
I also have a CD-RW Sony CRS225E which has also gone haywire. The symptoms are.
Both light drives can read CDs
The DVD-ROM can't read DVD proprietary films, and the CD-RW cant write to disc.
On boot up the CD-RW does not show, nor does it show in the bios. The DVD-ROM however does both. There is no firmware update for the DVD-ROM. I have "removed" the drives from the system hardware properties and rebooted with no result.
I have reinstalled WIN 98SE and the Apps for the DVD, both WinDVD4 and a trial app of WINDVD6, both with no result.
The DVD-ROM is on the Secondary IDE channel Master and the CD-RW on the Slave of the same channel.
The master off course is on the "end" of the IDE cable and the CD-ROM on the intermediate one.

Any ideas anyone? Thanks

  AndySD 00:09 29 Nov 2004

How are the jumpers set on the drives?

Try going into the BIOS/SETUP and set "Reset Configuration Data" (may say ESCD Extended System Configuration Data)to Enabled. Then save and Exit.

  JIM 00:14 29 Nov 2004

I have cdr/rw/dvd/rom etc.etc.coming out of my head reading your thread. :)

That means i'am confused.Now dont take it the wrong way please.

Suggest you take out all drives make sure your bios is as it should(if not been altered) connect up "1" drive at a time making sure jumpers ide cables etc are as they should.That way you should have something working to start with before adding further drives.

  Crookie 18:28 29 Nov 2004

Thanks for the replies.
I have done as you both asked but with no change.
I have also checked the IDE cable and it seems OK.
Further investigation using SI-SANDRA shows that both drive are masters which can't be right?
However that is the only anomaly I can find.
Any other ideas?

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