Belking Adapter Problems

  Bodice 08:31 03 May 2006

I have been using my adapter for quite some time, last night it was working fine, this morning I woke up to find it not working, the wireless connection has gone and the adapter isnt being recognised, I uninstalled everything and got rid of all traces (I think), when I reinstalled the monitor installs but doesnt open and the adapter isnt recognised, I am running Windows XP.

  mgmcc 09:07 03 May 2006

It sounds as though it might be a hardware failure of the adapter itself. You don't say what type of adapter it is - USB, PCI or PCMCIA (laptop), but can you try it in a different port/slot?

  Bodice 09:25 03 May 2006

Sorry for the lack of info, I am using a USB adapter.

  Bodice 17:46 03 May 2006

Im sooooo stuck, I cannot get it to work.

  Forum Editor 17:48 03 May 2006


  Bodice 17:49 03 May 2006

Thank you FE

  ade.h 17:56 03 May 2006

Try it driver only by uninstalling all trace of the device, its drivers and its software and then reinstalling it with only its WinXP driver, and if it's still not playing ball, then mgmcc is probably right.

  ade.h 17:57 03 May 2006

Oh, and don't forget the lifetime warrantee, so if it is dead, you might as well bypass the retailer and go straight to Belkin. You'll be sent a new one.

  ade.h 17:57 03 May 2006

Warranty, even.

  Bodice 18:01 03 May 2006

thank you for your response, but do you know why the software wont open, I click on it and nothing, I tried to open it all sorts of ways and nothing

  ade.h 19:34 03 May 2006

Definitely uninstall the software, in that case.

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