belkin54g router + virgin media cable problem

  snota_696 19:00 15 Sep 2008

my housemates and i bought a blekin54g router but for some reason keeps booting us off after a while and then the router has to be reset to let us back on. it can do this up to 4 times a day and no matter what i do i cant get it to work without resetting the router. i have a feeling it may have something to do with the router not being able to handle streaming and downloading but i have a similar setup at my mum but with a netgear router(similar price range) and have had none of these problems, do belkin specifically limit their routers to make you pay more money for the 'n' class ones, i have read the forums on interference and doubt that is the problem because surely that would not make the router fail compltely.

has anyone got any suggestions before i take the thing back to the shop??

  brundle 19:05 15 Sep 2008

Got one of these? click here

  snota_696 19:14 15 Sep 2008

it is that router but im not sure if my router is a version7 looking onm the back of the router it says the version no is A000uk does this firmware update still apply??

  brundle 19:46 15 Sep 2008

It should have the model number there too - easiest to log into the configuration interface with a browser (type into the address bar) and take a look at the blurb at the top of the page. That usually lists model number. Though again, it ought to be written on the box/packaging/instructions. Don't do anything with firmware unless you are 100% sure it's the correct model.

  snota_696 19:53 15 Sep 2008

there are no firmware updates for this model of router. i have tried to use the belkin customer support but have gotten nowhere

  brundle 21:00 15 Sep 2008

What was in place before you bought the router, for internet access? What are the line stats? Does it stop working regardless of the number of people using it at once? Are any of the machines connected with a cable instead of wirelessly - does that fail too? Do you have anything near the router that could cause voltage spikes? Fridge switching on/off for example. Plenty of possibilities. Having said that, if its under guarantee get another one or a different make.

  mgmcc 07:52 16 Sep 2008

There are a couple of things to try:

a) Change the channel number in the router's wireless settings.

b) Give the Wireless Network Adapters in the computers fixed IP addresses in the 192.168.2.x range. Interference may be causing a loss of connection, the router is unaware that the PCs have lost their IP addresses and they aren't renewed. Rebooting the router then re-allocates IP addresses. Fixed IP addressing can alleviate this problem.

  snota_696 19:30 16 Sep 2008

i have changed the channel and i think the adapters are fixed ips anyway, no change :(

  snota_696 19:33 16 Sep 2008

and there is another conputer on a wire, that dissconnects sometimes but reconects again fine.

nothing to couse spikes

what are line stats?

  brundle 20:49 16 Sep 2008

Sorry, that's my mistake - only for ADSL modems, you have cable.

  Ashrich 22:58 16 Sep 2008

This again sounds like the MAC address problem that cable modems have , only allowing the MAC of the first PC or router that is connected to them , and not allowing anything else . If your cable modem has been connected to a PC before the router was introduced then the modem will only recognise the PC not the router , to remedy this you need to shut down everything and completely power off for at least 10 minutes . Connect the modem/router/PC to each other using an ethernet cables and power the modem , wait until it has settled and all lights stop flashing , then power up the wireless router , again wait for it to settle , then finally the PC that you will use to set the router up with . Go through the router set up routine , if it has a wizard , allow it to find your internet connection and configure itself , set up some form of wireless security ( preferably WPA ) and try connecting from another source and see if you still have the same problems .


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