belkin, wireless USB network adapter

  lisanjake 22:16 16 Feb 2006

iv just got broadband (finally!!!) and need 2 set up a wireless conection to my room.
i have windows XP and am on NTL.
iv connected the router and installed all the CDs but it keeps sayin 'wireless not connected' iv tryed everything, installin it again over and over, i dno why it wont connect. everythings plugged in and turned on.
im not very good with pcs, please help
lisa xxx

  Bodice 22:21 16 Feb 2006

you have to put in name the name of the router and your pc are the same......
if you get in trouble belkin have a free phone number and they will walk you through it they are really good..
Good luck

  lisanjake 22:25 16 Feb 2006

sorry can u explain that more for me please, put in the name where the same?

  T0SH 22:34 16 Feb 2006

There will be some kind of security encryption code, that you require to enter into the wireless connected machines this is often on a printed label on the bottom of the router, this has to be entered often by double clicking on the a wireless icon in the system tray beside the clock,you know the one which appeared when you installed the wireless card?

But if all else fails first read the setup
instructions, or call the ISP`s help line

Cheers HC

  lisanjake 22:38 16 Feb 2006

it doesnt give me anywhere to enter any codes? lol iv tryed ringin the helplines but there always bisy grr, ill keep tryin :D

  Hertz Van Rentyl 23:19 16 Feb 2006

Have you gone through the connection wizard to make your connection Tools\internet options\connection\setup.
You may also need to go to your router homepage and log on using the information supplied by your ISP,(not familiar with NTL)

  lisanjake 12:36 18 Feb 2006

i tryed tht as well yes ^^^
it did connect at one point for about 5 minutes the DC again
do u think its got anything to do with the wireless fone, intereupting it?
also my USB adaptor is 125Mbps and the router is only 54Mbps, and noly one says WIFI on it?

  Hertz Van Rentyl 13:37 18 Feb 2006

Did you happen to notice how good a signal you were getting when it connected.

  lisanjake 13:45 18 Feb 2006

yeah it sed ' brilliant'

  Hertz Van Rentyl 14:14 18 Feb 2006

If you can get to the Belkin router page there should be a list of things you can configure, you may need to change channels, sometimes helps. If you left click on the icon with the bars in the system tray area do you see your network if so click connect then advanced and you should get a list of all networks your adapter is "seeing" your network should be in both windows with the lower icon having the "halo" on it.

  lisanjake 14:52 18 Feb 2006

yeah i got it to connect and the wireless thing goes blue, and had the halo around it, but it has a cross where it wont connect to the internetfor sum reason ?? and sumtimes it ses ' problem connectin to the router'?

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