Belkin wireless security issue

  clairejb 22:12 30 Mar 2010

We have a Belkin G Plus MIMO E1C769 wireless router, which is connected to three laptops. I decided to try to make our connection secure tonight and am having problems connecting now (help!)

I accessed the router via the IP address click here and accessed the security settings and set up a WPA/WPA2-Personal (PSK). I then set up a key and as I expected it disconnected me from the previously unsecure network.

I now can't access the wireless network (it's saying "the settings on this computer for the network do not match the requirements of the network"). I've managed to connect using another unsecure network but I can't even access the IP address to undo my security settings (it's asking for a username/ idea what username to enter).

Hope that makes sense - any help would be appreciated!

  BRYNIT 23:18 30 Mar 2010

You will need to connect one laptop to your router via cable this will allow you to connect to the web page and re check your security settings.

  Pineman100 18:58 02 Apr 2010

I would try deleting the wireless network connection on your computer, then re-creating it.

At the point when you create your new connection, you should be asked for the security key. Provided you enter it correctly, the connection should be established.

To get into your router via the IP address, I think (and I'm relying on a faulty memory here!) that the default Belkin username and password are:

username: (leave blank)
password: admin

If those don't work, try using admin for both, or username: admin and password: password

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