Belkin Wireless Router/Gateway Set Up Problem

  moz_tulip 12:05 17 Oct 2003

I have a Belkin Wireless Cable/DSL Gateway Router that fails the setup wizard at the last hurdle i.e. the internet connection stage.

Belkin do not reply to my emails to their support team. So I need some help please.

I am using a D-Link DSL-300+ modem, which works fine without the Belkin router.

My ISP is Freeserve and my ADSL modem is configured thus:
Connection type: PPPoA
Authentication: chap
Encapsulation: VC Mux

The router manual mentions PPPoE, but not PPPoA. Is this a problem?

Any help and/or tips gratefully received.

  SEASHANTY 15:23 17 Oct 2003

You do not mention the type of Belkin router but the F5D5230u4 and F5D5231uk4 are both cable BB routers. For info on ADSL BB routers click here

  zydec 16:28 17 Oct 2003


The problem here is due to your modem. The modem you are using is a non nat modem and therefore spoofs the IP address.

I have heard also that the DSL 300G+ has issue's connecting to routers.

I would suggest you buy a NAT adsl modem, such as the netgear DM602.

I have setup up the Belkin routers with this modem with no problems at all. sell the Netgear DM602.

  zydec 16:37 17 Oct 2003

none of the ADSL routers have pppoa support in them in the uk, you only get pppoa support with a router that has a modem built in.

To get the belkin routers to work with pppoa set the router as Dynamic.

Your modem handles the pppoa translation therefore the router needs to setup as dynamic.

  moz_tulip 09:02 24 Oct 2003

The wizard set up the router as dynamic.

When I access the manual set up web pages the router states it is connected to the internet!

I have set up IE as instructed by the router manual but cannot access the internet.

Please help.

  zydec 17:27 28 Oct 2003

are you still using the d-link modem ???

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