belkin wireless router N1

  gidster 16:18 09 May 2008

ive just had a new replacement lap top which has vista on.but now its stays connected for about 10mins then loses it for a couple of mins and the internet world sign starts flashing orange and then it connects again. its doing my head in and my sons as hes got an xbox and plays on live but its impossible as it keeps disconnecting and re-connecting. any help would be great


  gidster 16:19 09 May 2008

anyone any ideas? it lasts a bit longer now maybe 30mins to an hour,but doesnt reconnect itself so i have to switch all the power off. ive had it about 2 yrs is it time for a new one?

any recommendations?

  rawprawn 16:31 09 May 2008

Try connecting it using a cable connection for a start.

  gidster 16:35 09 May 2008

what the router to the laptop or xbox?

  rawprawn 17:20 09 May 2008

The router to the computer. Sorry I know nothing about Xbox, but I assume it gets it's sgnal from the router.

  gidster 17:34 09 May 2008

yeah it all works fine with the cable as without the cable, its just that it disconnects and i have to reboot.

  rawprawn 17:43 09 May 2008

Is there a reset button at the back? if so use it andstart again. If that doesn't work I don't think I can help further. Maybe someone with more knowledge of routers can help.

  gidster 21:44 09 May 2008

yes ive done that loads of times, thanks for your help.

also ive noticed now that on my familys accounts they have more trouble than me, sometimes they cant connect at all but i can.

need some help big time.

  rawprawn 07:16 10 May 2008

Can you borrow a router from a friend and see if that works?

  gidster 19:48 09 May 2011

im still haveng this problem.

its been alright for a while but its started proberbly last about an hour then it the red world starts flashing and i have to turn off at the wall wait 25 seconds and turn on again.

ive been on the routers web page and theres stacks of settings i dont understand,

can anyone help??

  Woolwell 20:12 09 May 2011

Has it been ok for 3 years? That seems to be when you previously posted.

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