Belkin Wireless Network Connected But Web Slow

  MrSheen 09:38 10 Jan 2006

I know there's a load of posts about network and especially Belkin, but can't find one that is similar to my problem, apologies if there is.

I've been having the usual signal strength problems since I bought the router and wireless card last month, plus the usual network dropping, not being able to recognise the network etc. Now though, it's showing the network as being connected, icons looking very happy, 54mbs with signal between 60-70, but when i try and access my e-mail or the internet it either doesnt work at all or the connection is slower than the slowest of dial-ups!! Has anyone experienced this before and can anyone help?



  mgmcc 14:17 10 Jan 2006

Make sure there is nothing causing interference with the signal - in particular keep cordless and/or mobile phones away from the router and the "wireless" PC. Close proximity to a central heating radiator can also cause signal problems.

You could also try changing the wireless Channel number from the default "11" to something like "7" or "4".

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