Belkin Wireless modem/router problems

  andywolve 15:12 14 Jul 2004

A few months ago I ran a similar topic, the reason why I have done another is that I need some more help... (pulling my hair out) ARGH!!

First things first, my computer runs Windows XP Home, the other wired computer runs on Windows 98. I have two laptops (not really mine!!) on wireless, Windows XP Pro.
The wireless computers do not have a single problem, what so ever.
My computer only talks to my mums laptop, (when all computers have been linked up) As far as am aware the other computers talk.
The major hair pulling problem, which I have contacted Technical support about, is that websites do NOT load up at all, or partially, for example
1. The default windows error cannot load page.
2. eg Hotmail website, does not load up the blue images for the e-mail.
I sent the security log to the tech support, and they have said that a program keeps accessing the internet with out my knowledge and the onboard firewall locks down after a while. I was recomended SpyBot Search and Destroy, deleted alot of spyware but has not solved the problem.
They then have suggested to Re-format, hard disk... eek!
They are the fourth person to tell me to re-format.
Is there anything I should check before i put my computer into maintenance for the day, and also how do i REFORMAT?

  andywolve 15:23 14 Jul 2004

A typical log,

14.07.2004 15:13:22 login success
14.07.2004 15:11:53 **SYN Flood to Host**, 4407->>, 80 (from ATM1 Outbound)
14.07.2004 14:55:25 **SYN Flood to Host**, 4144->>, 80 (from ATM1 Outbound)
14.07.2004 14:54:35 **SYN Flood to Host**, 4082->>, 80 (from ATM1 Outbound)
14.07.2004 14:54:14 **SYN Flood to Host**, 4057->>, 80 (from ATM1 Outbound)
14.07.2004 14:53:52 **SYN Flood to Host**, 4038->>, 80 (from ATM1 Outbound)
14.07.2004 14:53:38 **SYN Flood to Host**, 4023->>, 8008 (from ATM1 Outbound)
14.07.2004 14:53:31 **SYN Flood to Host**, 4004->>, 80 (from ATM1 Outbound)
14.07.2004 14:49:40 NTP Date/Time updated
01.01.2002 00:02:19 ATM1 get
01.01.2002 00:02:18 Setting MTU as 1400.
01.01.2002 00:02:18 MTU is 0.
01.01.2002 00:01:53 ATM1 start PPP
01.01.2002 00:01:53 Dial On Demand(ATM1)
01.01.2002 00:01:00 ATM1 start PPP
01.01.2002 00:01:00 Dial On Demand(ATM1)
01.01.2002 00:00:29 login success
01.01.2002 00:00:00 ATM1 start PPP
01.01.2002 00:00:00 Dial On Demand(ATM1)

Please help

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