Belkin Wireless G USB Adapter

  splatter 11:18 04 Jun 2006

On Friday night my PC died, again. Well, it wasn't really the PC, but...yup, Windows. It's like the 3rd time it has happened in about 5 months, and I am just about fed up with it, so I write to you know from Debian Linux. I've had a few niggles getting the sytem working correctly, and dare I say it, I'm nearly there.

The only problem I am having know is getting my Belkin Wireless G USB adapter working. The driver disc doesn't come with a linux driver :(

Does anybody know if there is a way to get the adapter working on Debian?

It isn't a biggy if there isn't, I can just re-locate my router and carry on with the wired connection but, you know, it would be nice if I didn't have to.


  Taff™ 11:39 04 Jun 2006

These links may help click here click here

  splatter 12:15 04 Jun 2006

Thanks Taff, giving the DriverGuid link ago now. I also came accross the DriverLoader after posting, but it gives me some error about the Kernel version being wrong or something :S

Anyway, I manages to get this: click here" (screenshot) but I still can't use it.

Also, does anybody know any good freeby linux newbie guides?


  Taff™ 06:40 06 Jun 2006

Not sure I can help you on that screenshot. I haven`t used wifi with Linux. I knew there was a driver for it only because I struggled to find the correct driver for a Belkin USB adapter - there were three for my particular model.

Try click here for guides.

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