Belkin Wireless G Router as Wireless Access Point?

  dizzledryden 17:38 31 Oct 2008

Hey I'm Dizzle. I'm new but I really need some help!

I have a BT Home Hub router, which is ok, but the wireless signal doesnt reach all of my house (some rather thick walls). I have a device that runs the ethernet signal through my house via the earth wire. But my laptop is wireless, and I want to keep it wireless.

Can I use my Belkin ADSL Modem with Wireless G Router as a Wireless Access Point? I've tried to set it up but I keep getting stuck when I try to setup the WAN Connection type. I can make a wireless network - but that doesn't access the internet. So I end up stuck.

Any chance someone know what I should do? The Belkin Part Number is F5D7632, ver. 1000uk. The belkin support site is useless to.
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Thanks a lot to anyone in advance.

  setecio 18:20 31 Oct 2008

Yes, but you have to adjust the Belkin, so disconnect it.

Now plug the laptop into it by ethernet and log into it.

Disable DHCP and change the IP address of it to something on the same subnet as the BT hub but outside the DHCP pool. I would guess would work.

Finally link it to the ethernet from the BT hub but plug it into one of the LAN ports and turn it on. It should now work. If it doesnt turn everything off, turn the BT hub on and wait 5 min until it settles, then turn on the Belkin and try again.

  dizzledryden 19:58 31 Oct 2008

So i switched the DHCP off

changed the address to

but now I cant access the router. do i plug it back in to the bt home hub and try to access the wireless signal and see if I get online?

  dizzledryden 21:17 31 Oct 2008

Yeah I plugged it into the BT Home Hub through my earthwire adaptor and it works! The BT Home Hub can't detect it but it works fine.


  setecio 08:18 01 Nov 2008

Glad it worked ... Oh yes, for anyone else trying, I got that the wrong way around as you will lose connection on changing the IP address.

So disable DHCP and then change the IP address of it and then save settings and turn it off and reconnect one of its LAN ports to the ethernet from the BT.

  setecio 08:20 01 Nov 2008

I wish there was an edit button, as it was right but I forgot to add that you will lose connection. :)

  ambra4 12:46 01 Nov 2008


“I wish there was an edit button”

If you use Firefox install “It's All Text! 1.0 Extension” which will install an edit button at the

bottom right corner of the message box

click here

  setecio 14:00 01 Nov 2008

Thanks, but I don't like Firefox and I don't understand how it can edit a post on PC advisor once it is posted. Surely once it is posted then it is stored on the PC Advisor servers ?

  ambra4 15:36 01 Nov 2008

"I don't understand how it can edit a post"

No you can't edit a post after it posted it will allow you to edit the text before you post

  dizzledryden 16:05 01 Nov 2008

What would happen if I plugged a desktop into one of the other 3 LAN ports ??? would it go online ??

  dizzledryden 16:07 01 Nov 2008

PS> ambra4
Isn;t that addon basically the box we are all typing in to contribute to this forum?

"No you can't edit a post after it posted it will allow you to edit the text before you post"

Correct me if I'm wrong, but hats this text box. Isn't it?

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