Belkin Wireless G Router

  t_searle 11:58 24 Apr 2006

Hi Im new to computers so please be SIMPLE. Just bought a new laptop and wireless G router so I can use it all with my desktop Pc and broadband at home. Connected it all up fine and internet is working on the desktop with the yellow ethernet cable still in place. When I disconnect that cable there is no wireless network detected. My laptop also is not detecting a wireless network either. Help me pleasr


  ericmax 14:18 24 Apr 2006

Log into the router and make sure wireless is enabled, and why are you disconnecting the ethernet cable.

  rmcqua 14:22 24 Apr 2006

How far away from the router is your desktop? Any thick walls in the way? Does "View available wireless networks" not show any at all?

  t_searle 16:03 24 Apr 2006

I have managed to get this all working now---got a new prob though. I ahve no security on it. How do I stop other peaple accessing my broadband connection?

  Mr Mac2020 19:53 24 Apr 2006

You must bw hardwired to the router to set up the security. WEP or WPA take your pick. You will have to produce a number of key strokes to set the security and you must then use these keys on your wireless adapter to access your router. It may be worth changing your SSID name to something unique so that other people will not know who you are is your network is visible to them. Hope this helps.

  VoG II 20:18 24 Apr 2006

On the PC that is hardwired to the router, start Internet Explorer and type

into the address bar and click Go. You should now be at the router's setup page. Click on Security.

  ade.h 21:16 24 Apr 2006

Is it a 72, a 76, or what? I have a guide for 76 series that mostly applies to 72s as well. I'll post it if you're interested.

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