belkin wireless G plus mimo router

  planetkath 08:45 10 Sep 2011

Hi, am in need of some help, am not technically minded so will have to ask what other information you require to help me with my problem!! I have had this router for 3 years, and always had my main computer plugged diretcly to router. We have always had a problem with the router disconecting additional laptops though. This week my brother in law assisted me with changing the channel from 11 to 12...via the www.192 website. Which seems to have solved the laptop issue. However my problem is this, we have a new tennant who has a Tiny S32 harddrive tower, supplied with inex, who states that she should be able to access the wifi but is unable to get on line for more than a couple of minutes. As changing the channel worked for the other laptop in the house, she is reporting no problems, I am guessing it is not a problem with the router. Any suggestions? and what other info do you planning to attack the problem tomorrow afternoon, the tenant is driving me crackers!! Thanks planetkath

  mgmcc 12:04 10 Sep 2011

In some countries (but not the UK) the use of Channels 12 & 13 is not legal and for this reason some Wireless Network Adapters are designed not to connect on these channels.

Most routers use Channel 6 or 11 as the default so, having had problems with 11, try using 6 instead. Also avoid Channels 1 & 2 because other wireless devices, such as mobile and cordless phones, use these frequencies which can therefore be quite congested.

  planetkath 14:23 10 Sep 2011

Ok, thanks will try this tomorrow and let you know.

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