belkin wireless g help needed

  apintofcarling 11:18 04 Apr 2006

Morning all,we have 2 computers in the house,the 1st one is on blueyonder broadband so i bought a belkin wireless g dsl router 802.11g (54mpbs.2.4ghz) & for the 2nd pc i bought a belkin wireless g usb network adapter(54mpbs.2.4ghz).the computer that has the router going through it (main computer)& blueyounder works really well & have had no problems,now the fun starts,the 2nd pc that has the belkin wireless usb adapter in is running VERY slow,ive got a full connection from the usb adapter but it can take up too 2/3 min too load a page,i no nothing about pc's but was told that the port settings might need too be changed !!! the 1st pc is the inlaws so i cant mess around with that 1.thanks for your help...

  ade.h 15:27 04 Apr 2006

Ignore ports for now. Ignore things like MTU values as well. Step 1 is as follows:

1) Uninstall the 3rd-party software that controls the USB adapter.

2) Uninstall the USB adapter from within Device Manager and remove it from the USB port.

3) Reboot.

4) (Optional but recommended). Run a cleaner such as click here and then navigate to C:\Program Files and delete any folder that has been left behind by said 3rd-party software.

5) Grab the installation CD and insert it but CANCEL IT IF IT RUNS.

6) Plug in the USB adapter and wait. New hardware will be found shortly.

7) You will be asked about drivers; move through the wizard to the option that allows you to choose a location to browse. Choose your CD drive.

8) Setup your network connection again via the WLAN icon in the Notification Area - double-click on it, refresh the list of networks and connect to yours.

Get back to us if that does not improve the situation.

  apintofcarling 11:05 05 Apr 2006

thanks for the reply guys i'll give it ago thanks again...

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