daniel99 17:49 09 Mar 2010

I'm having a desktop with a normal cable router brand BILLION.
I just buy a BELKIN G wireless usb adapter version 4122ak.
Just want to ask anyone know how to set this usb adapter become AP mode that plug into the desktop with router cable?
What i mean is ,can this usb adapter work as a wireless router using a desktop with cable router?

  mgmcc 19:57 09 Mar 2010

A USB Wireless Network Adapter connects to a Wireless Access Point, either a stand-alone one or one contained in a wireless router. It cannot function itself as a Wireless Access Point or as a Router.

What you can do is to connect a PC by ethernet cable to a (non-wireless) router then use Wireless Network Adapters in two computers to create an "Ad Hoc" wireless network. Enable "Internet Connection Sharing" in the PC that connects to the router and the second computer can connect "wirelessly" to the internet.

  daniel99 06:06 10 Mar 2010

Thanks for the reply.
from what i have done is...
i plug in the wireless network adapter into a desktop that connect to the cable router and then i share the LAN network.
After that i saw the red cross icon at the bottom right corner of window xp.
I try to use another wifi device (e.g psp/laptop)
and click to scan or detect the wireless network but still, didn't detect the signal for my belkin network.
Can i have a step by step how to set this kind of AP network?
Sorry for asking too much but im really kind of noob here. Thx for reading

  daniel99 06:12 10 Mar 2010

the Router ip it was
as for the wireless network adapter at the begin the system ask the ip will automatic set to and becoz i have set the static ip to from my cable router so i change that to
am i doing right? Or i do it all wrong?

  mgmcc 08:01 10 Mar 2010

I don't know what you're trying to do.

Are you wanting to connect two computers with Wireless Network Adapters installed to a Wireless Router?

  daniel99 12:07 10 Mar 2010

What im trying to do is:
Let the computer with cable router work as wireless router/Access point with the BELKIN USB network apadter plug in.
Before i use this belkin usb adapter i use Zyxel g-202 which can easily switch to AP and SP.
But since that Zyxel g-202 is broken so i have no choice but to use this belkin F5D5070 V4122ak.

The Belkin that i bought for this working fine in SP mode just about the AP mode it seems a lot of trouble to make it done.And I 100% sure about this adapter network support in AP mode.

  mgmcc 16:30 10 Mar 2010

Presumably the PC's "Local Area Connection" (wired ethernet adapter) is connected to the Router. You need to enable Internet Connection Sharing on that connection and Windows will configure the Belkin wireless adapter with the IP address and Subnet Mask

Now go into Services ("Start > Run", type SERVICES.MSC and click OK), scroll down to the Wireless Zero Configuration entry and double click it to open its Properties sheet. Make sure the service is "Started and that its Startup Type is "Automatic".

In the Network Connections folder, right click the Wireless Network Connection and select Properties, then the Wireless Networks tab. The box "Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings" should be ticked.

In the Preferred networks section, click the Add button and set up the "Ad Hoc" network. Tick the box at the bottom "This is a computer-to-computer (Ad Hoc) network...", give the network a name (SSID) and set the Network Authentication (probably Open) and Data Encryption (probably WEP), then enter a suitable WEP key. Click OK back through the open Properties sheets.

In the other computer in the Ad Hoc network, the adapter should be set to get its IP address automatically, which it does by DHCP from the Host PC. Set up the network with the same settings that you used in the first computer.

You may have to scan for Available Wireless Networks, but the two should communicate directly with the Host PC acting as a Router.

  daniel99 17:37 10 Mar 2010

Thx for the guide... the PC with router is following your guide and the other pc i set the IP to auto and still i cant get any signal from the other computer.
Even other wifi device like PSP also can't get the signal from the first computer.

  mgmcc 20:30 10 Mar 2010

Shut down all computers then boot the Host PC (the one which is connected to the router). Once it is up and running, boot the second PC and see if they connect.

If not, try getting each computer in turn to scan for Available Wireless Networks.

  daniel99 03:01 11 Mar 2010

So i set up a ad hoc network in the first computer with the SSID name BELKIN and disable the wep key...(will set up for it once connected)
Once it connected i open up the 2nd computer/ psp to scan the area network and still didn't get any signal from the first one.
I did try shut down and restart several times but it give same result.
Maybe this belkin version never support cable router ?

  daniel99 04:13 11 Mar 2010

I just state out my ip for your ease
router ip:
Default gateway
Default router ip:(from psp)
Primary DNS ip
Secondary DNS ip

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