belkin surgemaster question

  hugh-265156 17:58 31 Aug 2003

hi all,i have two surge protectors click here one for my pc,monitor and cable modem and one for my sorrund sound amps and subwoofer,both connected to the same double 13amp outlet.

the surge protectors have a earthed and a protected led on of the strips protected light has just dimmed before my very eyes,in bright light it looks as if its no longer lit but when i look closely,its still on but very dim.

could this be a faulty led or have i had a surge?the power has not gone off and the other strips protected light is still above,both are connected to the same wall socket.i think i will buy a new one just for peace of mind but in the meantime would be grateful for any advice.thank you.

  alan 2273 18:38 31 Aug 2003

Apparently as the surge protector comes with a lifetime guarantee, contact Belkin who should replace it free of charge.

  hugh-265156 18:42 31 Aug 2003

i thought the guarentee was just for any equipment that was damaged whilst connected to the strip.

  hugh-265156 19:13 31 Aug 2003

i will contact belkin.thanks.

  hugh-265156 14:18 09 Sep 2003

i contacted belkin,just received an email back from them.they are going to replace it free of charge.thanks for the help folks.

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