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  Aargh 19:45 03 Feb 2006

I'm running the F5D7632-4 ADSL router and connecting a laptop via an F5D7010 (Ver 1x) network card.The desktop PC is wired. Both PC's are running XP Home with SP2.Both router & card have had all available firmware/driver updates.

Wireless signal is fine, but I cannot enable security. I have set up WEP accurately on the router & wireless PC, but as soon as I enable the security I am unable to access the web with the wireless PC. The card utility tells me there is excellent signal etc, but WEP blocks me. If I disable it I can access the web OK. I have ben told that re installing Windows can be a fix but this seems a bit OTT. Help is appreciated.

  keewaa 20:21 03 Feb 2006

Create new keys in both the router & laptop.

  Aargh 20:31 03 Feb 2006

No matter what the key is, turning on security turns off the wireless connection!! I have tried all forms of WEP nad have matched the keys exactly each time but the problems remain. As soon as I switch off security, the connection is turned on again!

  keewaa 22:40 03 Feb 2006

Enabling security can decrease the range, I suggest you try it within 2m of the router to check if it is a range issue.

  Aargh 15:05 04 Feb 2006

Its within 10m and signal strength is excellent. I suspect its a software issue with the card. Will be buying a new card to see if a different make has the same problem.

  keewaa 15:10 04 Feb 2006

Aparently the encryption process can cause this and can be overcome by using hex :

Disconnect from the unwilling wifi network. Using a working (wired) connection, go to your router admin software or web page, go and look up the hexadecimal equivalent of the 13-char encryption key string, COPY it. That hex equivalent consists of 13 pairs of hexadecimal digits. Now reconnect to the wireless network, and PASTE in all the hex digits (26 keystrokes, no spaces). Click connect button.

For unknown reason typing it in may not work whereas COPY & PASTE will.

  Aargh 16:37 04 Feb 2006


I manage the router from a wired PC - if could copy from the router page (windows wouldn't let me), how would I then paste it onto the configuration page on the wifi PC? I know copy & paste is clever but I've never been able to do it between separate PC's!!!!!!!!

The Belkin router page has the hex key divided into 13 separate boxes so cut/copy/paste isn't an option.

  keewaa 17:02 04 Feb 2006

You could try just typing it in, but I've read that sometime typing doesn't work properly (weird).

As for copy & paste ... highlight then
control key(ctrl) + c = copy,
ctrl + v = paste,
and copy into notepad file, save to disc, then open on other computer.

  ade.h 17:41 04 Feb 2006

The following is not specifically related to your problem, but...

Why are you using WEP? You should really be using WPA-PSK because WPA is the more secure of the two protocols.

  ade.h 17:43 04 Feb 2006

Regarding your prob, following keewaa's good advice should see you through it, but if you have any settings questions, let us know. I use the same model of router, by the way.

  Aargh 18:26 05 Feb 2006

Tried all sorts of ways of matching the key but no joy. Using WEP because the card software doesn't give a WPA option. New card already on the way..............

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