Belkin router, sudden problems with network

  shotsman 22:03 06 Sep 2007

Hi all,

I've got a Belkin router for both hardwire and wireless networking. Everything was working fine and I have 2 PC's hardwired and my laptop wireless.

Suddenly it has all gone haywire!!

On none of them can I get web pages to upload!

I've done a speed test (I have network magic) and it shows no downstream flow, but upstream it is 360 kbps.

The router shows an internet connection, web pages try to load but obviously don't succeed.

However when I tried the Belking CD manual and clicked the link to their website it worked!! I did notice a B on the address bar instead of the explorer sign though, is this significant?

And when i go back to my old modem through a USB connection it works as well, (which is how I'm posting this) but off course this means I have no home network.

I have tried both my ISP (Tiscali) and Belkin help lines, and they both talked me through some tests and then said everything was fine, must be a problem with my firewall. I've turned off both the PC and the router firewalls but no difference.

My laptop still works fine on other wireless networks too.

Please, please help!!!!!

  shotsman 22:05 06 Sep 2007

On my laptop, Limewire still works!!!!


  woodchip 22:09 06 Sep 2007

try resetting defaults. should be a pin hole at the back

  woodchip 22:10 06 Sep 2007

You will have to reset all the settings and User etc

  shotsman 22:21 06 Sep 2007

I've tried that one, no luck!!

  woodchip 22:42 06 Sep 2007

May be a faulty modem. Does you home Network function?

  shotsman 22:45 06 Sep 2007

Yes, I have the home network, no problems!!

  woodchip 23:01 06 Sep 2007

Well if you can send receive to all computers it may be a windows Problem. Have you been into setup page to check all the settings? Built in Firewall may be stopping it, anything worth a look. I am like you getting desperate on this one. clutching at straws

  woodchip 23:02 06 Sep 2007

Have you tried disconnecting it from the Home Network, then try it on it's own

  shotsman 23:13 06 Sep 2007

Yes, tried disconnecting it and just adding my main PC, still the same!!

Not sure if it's anything to do with the ports and HTTP license, LAN settings etc, but don't know a lot about these!

Wierd how the Belkin site came up and I could navigate around that with no problems, could it be something to do with Windows Internet explorer?

Also funny how Limewire works on my laptop but no MSN.

The kids are fighting each other to be on the PC with Internet access, please help stop WW3!!!

  woodchip 23:15 06 Sep 2007

My Lease Time I have set to forever. in the settings. is that what you mean

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