BELKIN ROUTER, SLOW, with wired BB Telewest,

  toern 14:12 24 Apr 2005

BELKIN ROUTER CONNECTS TO INTERNET VERY SLOWLY, F5D5230-4 CABLE/DSL, with TelewestBB cable modem, XP pro, NortonSW, ZAfirewall, home network

Fast without router.

What do I need to configure? Helpful websites?

Belkin have not replied.

Should I get a more recent model, or a Linksys BEFRS41 Amazon £30?

  PurplePenny 22:25 24 Apr 2005

As you say that Belkin have not replied I assume that you e-mailed them. Have you tried phoning? Their helpline is free and 24hr I believe.

  toern 23:48 24 Apr 2005

I may be part way improved speed:

1 I installed firmware upgrade of 17/1/2003 (most recent), from click here

2 in IE>tools>internet options>ticked 'obtain IP address automatically'

3 Went through winXP Network Setup Wizard

4 Followed very helpful website
(why doesn't Telewest have similar?):-

'Cable Modem Troubleshooting '
click here
How to configure settings in XP and with ZoneAlarm , there were several settings wrong, including ZA programs>generic host >server internet tick, trusted zone security>low etc

  toern 00:33 25 Apr 2005

Thank you Purplepenny, I will telephone Belkin

  PurplePenny 20:50 26 Apr 2005

By coincidence I had to phone them just last night (late)! Very helpful. It's the first time anyone has asked whether I would mind him using my first name.

  PUNKA 11:08 27 Apr 2005

Hi toern,Just installed wireless network for my nephew last night as he had some problems with it.Exactly same model router and I.S.P. Found that if you disconnect Z/A when you run through the set-up programme, then it will load without a problem.Belkin will be of help if you do not solve it yourself,Remember after you are up and running correctly, to reinstall, Z/Alarm. hth.

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