Belkin Router Red Light?

  as400 20:16 31 Dec 2009

Trying to help my neighbour!

Talktalk = ISP

I have connected the router to the laptop wirelessly but when I plug the phone lead into the back of the router I dont get two green lights.

Rather one green under the phone symbol and a red under the world symbol.

She wasn't sure of her ISP username and password, would this effect this?

I took the router into my home, popped in my BT lead (Nildram ISP) two green lights almost straight away...

any ideas?

  User-1229748 20:26 31 Dec 2009

has to be correct username and password.

  as400 20:36 31 Dec 2009

Hmmm how about a dodgy lead?...but I guess if the lead wasn't 100% there would be no lights on the phone/world symbol?

  User-1229748 20:40 31 Dec 2009

she needs to be 100% certain she has the right username and password

  User-1229748 20:46 31 Dec 2009

is this a new connection?if not then turn router and pc off and leave for a couple of minutes and then turn router on then pc.

  as400 20:50 31 Dec 2009

not a new connection no, she is on talktalk has desktop and one of their modem boxes....

its just weird that I can plug the Belkin in in my house using my phone to Belkin lead and get a world icon green light but not when I try the same in hers....I don't think there is anything wrong with the hardware, will take my leads over tomorrow and try that.

Thanks for your help...

  User-1229748 20:50 31 Dec 2009

leave the phone lead in router and turn everything off.then leave a couple of minutes and then turn router back on then laptop

  Sea Urchin 22:01 31 Dec 2009

Just how has she got this set up? Am I right in thinking that the desktop is connected via the modem, and that you are trying to connect the laptop wirelessly via the router? I think that they should both be connecting via the router, but somebody will tell me if I'm wrong.

  as400 22:15 31 Dec 2009

She has a desktop pc connected to a modem plugged into the telephone socket in the study room.

In the lounge she has another telephone socket that we are trying to connect the Belkin router to. So that there will be a wireless connection to her new laptop.

I'm pressuming that having the study room set up will not interfere with the Belkin not showing/or showing a red modem light?

I'm going to go check the settings again tomorrow.

  Sea Urchin 22:37 31 Dec 2009

So that's not a wireless connection is it? You cannot have two different connections to TalkTalk on two separate phone points.

The PC needs to be connected through the Belkin router into one of the phone sockets. Then the laptop has to connect wirelessly from the lounge to the Belkin router in the study. You don't need (in fact you can't use) the existing modem so remove it from the equation.

In answer to your last question - yes it will interfere with the router as I've explained.

  as400 22:49 31 Dec 2009

Ok so if I simply unplug the lead in the study from the telephone wallsocket this will free up the Belkin Router/Modem to form a wireless connection?

Simple as that?

Ok will give it a go tomorrow.

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