Belkin router - network connection problem

  babsbaby 17:28 24 Jun 2007

I bought a laptop last week and would like to connect to the NTL broadband I have through my desktop pc. I bought a Belkin G+ MIMO router and, as my pc is a bit old, an ethernet network card, which I think I have installed correctly. The pc was previously connected to the cable modem through a USB connection. The laptop is picking up the network, but cannot access the internet. What else do I need to do? The PC is operating XP and the laptop is Vista.

Also how do I access the files on my PC from the laptop?

I would appreciate any help in Janet & John language! Thank you very much. :)

  recap 18:44 24 Jun 2007

Enable Internet Connection sharing (ICS) from the Control Panel/Network Set-up wizard.

To start the Network Setup Wizard, click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click Network Setup Wizard. When you open the Network Connection wizard take a look at the 'Checklist for creating a Network' link. This will explain what steps you need to take.

  babsbaby 20:01 24 Jun 2007

Thank you for the response, recap. Do I do this on the PC or the laptop?

  Andy1991 19:32 25 Jun 2007

it would be both

  babsbaby 20:39 26 Jun 2007

I've done that but the laptop still isn't picking up the internet. Do I have to do anything to the modem? I've still got the USB cable plugged in connecting it to the PC. If I take it out, the internet stops working on the PC,

  stylehurst 14:16 27 Jun 2007

Have you connected the NTL modem to the router, via a network cable? and disconnected the USB connection from the modem to the PC.
I don't know the BelkinG+MIMO router, but is it a cable router and not a combined ADSL modem & router.

  babsbaby 06:52 29 Jun 2007

When I tried disconnecting the USB cable between the modem and the PC the internet stopped working. I have connected the router to the PC with a network cable as per the router instructions. From other threads on here, I believe (and I was assured at the shop) that the router is appropriate for NTL and is just a router, not a modem/router combined.

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