Belkin Router dies after a period of use

  A&D 10:14 23 Oct 2006

I have a desktop running Media Centre 2005 and a laptop running XP Sp2 Home. Both have the same virus and firewall programs. The desktop is connected to a Belkin G Router via Ethernet connection and the laptop is connected via the wireless route. The Router is connected via an Ethernet connector to a cable modem with always on broadband. When I use the desktop with the laptop off, everything works happily all the time. When I use the laptop with desktop either on or off, I can access the internet OK for a period varying between a few minutes and a couple of hours and then the Router shuts down. The power, wireless and internet lights go out but the modem light stays on and the wired component light to the desktop turns amber. I have asked Belkin who suggested reverting to factory defaults and starting again. I did this but the result was the same. Before I added the desktop the laptop worked OK for most of the time with an occasional glitch and some unexplained severe reductions in speed. Clicking on Repair Connection always brought it back to normal speed. Anyone got any ideas please? Should I just bin the Router?

  Strawballs 21:37 23 Oct 2006

How long have you had the router?

  A&D 10:20 24 Oct 2006

"How long have you had the router?"

I bought the router (Belkin G 4000UK) about 18 months ago. At that time I only had a laptop and I could connect to the internet from around the house without a problem. About 6 months ago I started to get drastic reductions in connection speed for no apparent reason and then the occasional shut down. I bought the desktop about a month ago and added it via the Ethernet connection but things became even more flaky. When I set up a workgroup, the desktop could see the laptop OK but the laptop was denied access and could not see the desktop. I could not solve that one so the workgroup was abandoned and I just used the internet sharing but with the previously described problems.

  Strawballs 10:39 24 Oct 2006

It sounds like the router is on its way out.

  Danoh 12:10 24 Oct 2006

In the worst case, you could use Belkin's lifetime warranty and get a replacement.

I've also got a Belkin router (F5D8230) which I leave on 24/7. It gets hot and wireless connections to 3 other PCs would get dropped until I powered it off for a few minutes. This was resolved by raising the router to ensure clear air flow beneath it, although it still misbehaved once in the past 5 months.

Do you think your problems could be due to overheating as well?

  A&D 16:38 24 Oct 2006

"Do you think your problems could be due to overheating as well?"

No I don't think so. It stands on a wooden shelf quite clear of anything else and only seems warm to the touch. It is switched off overnight. The manual power off and re-connect which I do after it shuts down is not for a long period. If I just pull out the mains jack plug and put it back in straight away the router will boot itself up and work OK for another indefinite period until the same thing happens. I think I'll just chuck it in the bin and get another one.

Oh for the days when I could just attach a scope, Avo and spectrum analyser - then change a couple of valves and be back in business!

Thanks anyway to all.

  Danoh 22:35 24 Oct 2006

Mine was placed on top of a larder-freezer, also clear of everything. I placed an upturned ice-cube tray underneath it so the corrugations ensured free air flow to all the air slots underneath and its stopped sulking quite so much.
However yours sounds like electronic component failure.

  Aargh 11:19 25 Oct 2006

I had a similar problem with my Belkin F5D7632-4 router.I don't know the G 4000? model.

Have you upgraded the firmware? - if so this was the root of my problem.The connection would time out and not restart without a manual reboot.

Presuming Belkins work on similar lines, the fix was to restore to the original firmware version. After a battle with the Belkin helpline I set the router idle time to zero - Belkin refused to accept that zero was a valid value, but it worked and now means the connection does not 'idle' - simply remains always on.

If not this, have you thought about a faulty PSU degrading when hot?

  A&D 13:48 25 Oct 2006

Again, thanks to everyone who has contributed. It all points to router hardware failure and I don't think I've got enough life left to chase it anymore. This router will be adandonded. I regard the subject now as closed. Thanks again everyone.

  Danoh 14:18 25 Oct 2006

perhaps you forgot to tick the "resolved" box?

  A&D 16:32 25 Oct 2006

No, I have ticked it twice but it seems to remain an open subject. I will try again now.

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