Belkin router cant connect to Belkin online wizard

  alba6 11:26 02 Mar 2006

I've connected my Belkin router/modem as instructed. When I open IE and key in the address I get the message "Internet Explorer couldn't open search page".
I need to get in to the site to complete the setup.
I'm using XP SP2 with an Ethernet cable to the router ( I want to connect a laptop wirelessly after the PC is set up). My ISP is Tiscali.
I contacted Belkin help desk who say the XP firewall is blocking access to the router but setting the firewall off doesn't help. They also say to connect the router to the laptop but I can't do that as my phone points are not available to it.
Any suggestions?

  VoG II 11:32 02 Mar 2006

Try typing in


without the space after //

  keith-236785 11:48 02 Mar 2006

works ok for me, i cant understand why it wont let you in. click here is the full address but just putting is enough.

how does the router connect to the internet? is it via cable broadband or dial up?

you could try clearing temp files & cookies out, see if that helps (IE/Tools/Internet Options)

do you have any other firewall ie norton system works or zone alarm etc. norton would continue to "protect" even after it has been turned off.

also did you run the cd BEFORE connecting the router. read the instructions, i seem to remember you run the install prog before connecting the router to your pc.

  alba6 13:06 02 Mar 2006

The router connects to broadband via telephone line.
Ref Norton firewall - do you mean Norton AntiVirus Autoprotect? It is set ON
The only CD I got was the User Manual, there was no mention of an install program.
Broadband still works OK when I revert to the modem.

  ade.h 13:18 02 Mar 2006

Works fine for me, too...

...but as we all know only too well, that doesn't make it a cert for everyone! (It'd be a bit quiet around here otherwise.)

The easy first step is to try it in another of your browsers (if you only use IE, you're missing out and should try Firefox). If it works in another browser, then it's your IE settings that need sorting out. This would be suspect number one.

If that fails, at least you know that it's more than just your setup that's at fault.

  ade.h 13:20 02 Mar 2006

I feel I must respond to your last question:

You do not run a CD to install a router!

There is no software involved or required.

The only CD that comes with Belkin routers is a pdf manual.

I wouldn't want alba6 to get confused by this.

  VoG II 13:21 02 Mar 2006

What model is your Belkin router. Mine came with a CD that includes the 'easy installation wizard' as well as the manual. You have to run this before connecting the router.

  keith-236785 13:41 02 Mar 2006


page 8 of the belkin manual says

step 1,4. insert the easy install wizard software cd into your cdrom drive.the easy install wizard screen will automatically appear on your screen within 15 seconds....DO NOT CONNECT THE ROUTER AT THIS TIME....... hence my advice about not connecting the router

step 2,1 click on "setup the router" to begin

as VoG says, it may depend on the router model but my Belkin router did indeed come with a setup cd.

without ALL the information we can only give what we feel is good advice, we do not need to be slated by others. although i agree that it may have confused the issue if a software cd is not provided now.

  ade.h 13:44 02 Mar 2006

1) Mine did not; manual only, as alba6 has stated.

2) It is not recommended that you use any wizard to set up a Belkin router. It should be done entirely through the interface. This I have from the horse's mouth and from my own router's setup guide.

  ade.h 13:46 02 Mar 2006

Please don't think that I was criticising your input, Paperman.

  keith-236785 13:53 02 Mar 2006

[URL=click here][IMG]click here[/IMG][/URL] for a pic of the setup cd.

you could try pressing the reset button on the back of the router, as nothing is setup yet it wont make much difference.

also note that you should have recieved a LAN cable with the router which is used to connect the router to the PC.

i am on BroadBand so cant help regarding the dialup setup.

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