Belkin Router Blocks Only One Website

  wilf3102 19:12 20 Sep 2005

Hi there,

I currently have a Belkin ADSL router (F5D7632uk4), connected to my 2MB Tiscali line.
I have many issues surrounding my connection, but the one troubling me is the loss of certain websites.

This behavior is only recent.

On three separate occasions, the router wont let me access particular websites, but only one is blocked at a time.

I notice that if I cannot load a website, i can load any other (Hotmail, BBC etc...), so it is localised to just one, at any one time.

I have noticed however that the sites in question are usually ones that I have been visiting regularly, and suggest that they are "filling the router cache" of some kind.

For example, I recently have been looking at some pages at click here, and in a period of a week or so, had accessed the same Macromedia pages in a short space of time, repeatedly. Then suddenly i couldnt get onto the site, yet I could go on any other website (google, bbc, PC Advisor etc...)

Similarly,i found some interesting pages on another website, visited the pages again and again over a few days, and suddenly, just that website was unavailable, no other was blocked.

Even a website that I am currently building, after repeated refreshes and changes when uploading, my very own domain became a target of this cruel behavior.

I can fix this blockage by resetting the router, and so this suggested that there must be a cache or similar file getting full and blocking the URL.

My router has been reset many times to resolve the problem and I have checked that there currently is no IP Filtering, Firewall or any of the advanced features that normally block webpages.

Therefore, i am left in this trouble alone.

There must be a problem, as it isn't one particular website, but more accurately, any one website, that has been viewed a lot within a session (between resets of the router).

Can anyone offer some advice as to the problem.
I have the latest firmware, and have checked that there is no conflicting Filtering rules on the router. I also use the Router settings published by Tiscali.

Kind regards,

  Number 7 20:13 20 Sep 2005

It seems it's a problem with the router.

click here

click here

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