Belkin Pre N router and Notebook Network Card

  sagita 01:04 03 Feb 2006

I have a PC in my home office connected by ethernet to Belkin modem/router. I has worked reasonably well, but though the router has a wireless facility I have never managed to get my laptop to connect very well in other parts of the house.

I became persuaded to "upgrade" to the Pre N kit in the belief this would give me better coverage and yesterday I took delivery of the router and the network card (plus a Linksys ethernet&USB ADSL2 modem - the only one I could easily get my hands on).

The modem-router-ethernet to PC set up went like a dream and I was connected in minutes. Connection is quick and easy and I am not bothered by the need for occasional re-boots as with the previous set up.

The network card is however and entirely different kettle of fish.

I am trying to set it up on a Toshiba Satellite running Win2K. The machine has a LAN socket but no card and I have disabled the ethernet provision also so there is no conflict.

The card installed, after some difficulty and downloading updated softward from the Belkin site.

The Belkin Wireless Utility shows and the card connects and disconnects intermittently without holding a stable connection for any length of time.

The utility shows good signal quality; 100% close to the router and between 80% and 95% even through two brick walls. But the connection fails randomly even when it is showing 100% signal and is less than a metre from the router.

My first thought was that it must be a hardware fault. I emailed Belkin around lunchtime yesterday and they have not responded. I returned the card for a replacement this evening, but the new one behaves in exactly the same way.

I am doing something stupid?

  keewaa 09:59 03 Feb 2006

If there is another network within range this could be causing the problem, the easy way to check is enable SSID broadcast on the router and see if it fixes it.

  sagita 10:24 03 Feb 2006

Thanks keewa - I had already tried with SSID broadcast both on an off without it making any difference.

After sleeping on it I concluded that the problem was probably at the router rather than the network card and that interference was almost certainly the problem.

I asked myself whether there was really anywhere in my very crowded little office that I could expect a wireless router to work without interference. Given the two computers, external drives, two scanners, three printers, TV, radio, DVD, VCR, PDA cradle, fax machine and cordless 'phone that I have in here - I concluded, probably not.

To cut a long story short, first job this morning, move the router to the next room and run a long ethernet cable to the PC.

Result - BLISS

Now all I have to do is find a way of making it look neat enough . . . . . :-)

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