Belkin operating range

  Hon RWG 15:30 12 Nov 2005

I have a network set up using a desktop and a laptop. Both using xp. Desktop with ethernet cable to a Belkin F5D7633 and laptop a Belkin F5D 70 11 notebook network card, both 11g 125 high speed mode. No problem up to 12 feet but beyond that no good, even within sight of each other.

  LastChip 21:16 12 Nov 2005

Should be a lot better than that. What's the signal strength like? at the point you loose connectivity?

  Hon RWG 12:22 14 Nov 2005

Exellent, Good, and then to Limited or no connection.

  sannaz 13:25 07 Dec 2005

I have the same system which is used in my office and have experienced similar problems whic are now mostly resolved. I would suggest trying the following steps one at a time -

1. MNake sure your router isn't sitting near a big lump of metal. Sounds silly but ours was sitting on a aluminium topped table, moving the router made a big difference. Microwaves, and cordless phones also interfere.

2. Change the channel - Belkin recommend Ch11 or at least 5 channels away from any other network. In practice I have found that Ch11 offers the best signal strength and speed

3. Update firmware for the router and drivers for the wireless network cards

4. Try a different card - we tried a Linksys 54G card on one of our machines and found that it gave a more stable connection and higher speed. I contacted Belkin and they replaced their card under warranty.

5. We are in an office environment with a warehouse below us. Due to the steel frame of the building, we find that in some rooms we get a fluctuating signal. I am still trying to get a fix on this.

Good luck

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