Belkin Network Problems

  Dark Lord II 00:20 21 Nov 2005


I'm having a problem with a Belkin wireless network card. Here's my setup:

1 Laptop with integrated wireless NIC running XP.
1 Desktop PC with Belkin wireless NIC (F5D7001) running Win98.
1 Belkin Wireless Pre-N Router.

Router is working fine and laptop connects perfectly at full speed pretty much all over my house.

I have just installed the F5D7001 on my pc and using the belkin wireless utility can see my network on the site monitor (excellent signal) and the diagnostics all pass ok. Everything looks perfect, but it simply won't connect. I have tried changing my authentication between none and WPA-PSK TKIP but still nothing (all the while being able to connect from my laptop).

I have spent all of today trying every suggestion even remotely related to what I'm doing that I could find on the web, but still no luck. Anybody have any ideas?

  mgmcc 09:23 21 Nov 2005

<<< Everything looks perfect, but it simply won't connect. >>>

What do you mean by "won't connect"? Does the little icon get its "halo" to show that the wireless connection has been established? Has the WiFi adapter got its IP address from the router?

  Dark Lord II 09:32 21 Nov 2005

The icon in the system tray stays red - no ip address, no packets sent or received according to the belkin utility.

  mgmcc 11:57 21 Nov 2005

Is your PC running Windows 98 *SECOND EDITION* as this is specified in the minimum requirements for the network adapter?

  Dark Lord II 12:00 21 Nov 2005

yes sorry, second edition

  mgmcc 13:42 21 Nov 2005

I have to confess that nothing immediately comes to mind. You could try changing the Channel setting to a different value - if using the Default "11", try something like "7' or "4", although this obviously affects the laptop which is working OK. Presumably you don't have MAC address filtering set up in the router?

What IP address is the WiFi adapter actually getting - 169.254.x.x or

Is the adapter set to connect to "Infrastructure" networks?

  abc77 20:58 06 Dec 2005

I had a similar problem with my Windows 98 machine, however, when I replaced it with Windows XP (two desktops with windows XP) both could connected to internet.

  keewaa 21:16 06 Dec 2005

Best problem solving method would be :
First off connect the 98 machine by ethernet cable and get it all working that way.
Then with no security, no mac filtering, SSID broadcast (basically reset the router to be sure), upgraded firmware, and the firewall on the 98PC turned off (and maybe even uninstalled to completely remove it from the equation) follow this page click here
Then once you get it working IMMEDIATELY reinstall the PC firewall and activeate security.

  keewaa 21:17 06 Dec 2005

First of all check it isn't the firewall on the 98 PC causing the problem.

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