Belkin N1 Router / Epson XP-215 printer

  LottieLott 18:05 03 Dec 2013

Hi, i am in need of some help. I have set up a Belkin N1 Router which allows me to use an Ipad and Kindle wirelessly, works fine, I also password protected the router as well. Yesterday I bought an Epson XP-215 wireless printer but cannot get this to work, its not talking to my router. Bit of laptop is on its last legs so use it less and less use the ipad more, but I still needed to be able to print, so thought the wireless printer would be the solution. The disk drive on the laptop doesn't work, so instead of using the disc that came with the printer I followed the instructions to connect the printer to my network via the web. Unfortunately it didn't work, took me a while to find the wps button on the router (not obvious to a novice like me), anyway I then thought perhaps cos I had password protected the router that was why it wasn't working, So after having to reset the belkin back to factory settings to remove the password (only way I could see to do it), I tried again to connect the printer to the router by pressing the wps button on the router then the wi-fi button on the printer, it worked, thought that was that, went to download the printer app on the ipad, guess what Ive now lost the connection to the internet, same with the kindle. So I went back onto the website for the Belkin and there was a new password appeared in the security section, very long made up of letters and numbers, no way I would be able to type all that in on my ipad and kindle to connect back to the router, so I deleted this and put back in my original password. This reconnected the ipad and kindle but now the printer is no longer connected! So how do I connect the printer to my router without losing the network connection to my ipad and kindle. I thought perhaps a lead from the printer to the router but a friend came round today to have a look and said you cannot do that. Can some one help me, got to say I don't understand a lot to do with the workings of computers etc I just use them, so I would really really appreciate some help. Thank you very much....Lottie

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