Belkin N1 (mimo) wireless modem router problems

  Fad Gadget 20:30 20 Sep 2007

Hi all,


I have connected my Belkin N1 wireless modem router (ADSL) to the PC via the yellow ethernet cable (as supplied).

However, when running the setup cd i get the message:- The setup is not able to connect the router via any of the network adapters in this comp!

I have ticked "never dial a connection" on the internet properties.

Also, When opening internet explorer, i get error 797 modem not found or busy!

can anyone help as the lights on the router are showing as 1.wired, 2.modem router 3.ADSL

im using XP and ISP is Tiscali...

  mgmcc 21:29 20 Sep 2007

What happens if you type into your web browser? This is the IP address of a Belkin router and should open its configuration pages so that you can set it up manually. You don't need to use a CD to set up a router and there is no software installed in the PC.

  Fad Gadget 23:12 20 Sep 2007

I have spoken to Mesh Computers to make sure the network port is live/enabled on the PC (which it is).

Contacted tiscali, who said the router may need configuring by Belkin. They gave me loads of code i.e. VCI 38, Writing protocol etc etc...

Contacted Belkin support (twice). They went through the motions of internet explorer then 0.1 then 1.1. and still nothing.

Also tried to ping and ipconfig on the c:windows (again nothing found).

The Belkin support guy based in India (very friendly) believes it may be a ethernet cable fault! this is due to the fact that there is no internet connection being made! MMMMMMMM i'm not sure about that...

Anyone have any other ideas?

  mgmcc 08:40 21 Sep 2007

<<<< Contacted Belkin support (twice). They went through the motions of internet explorer then 0.1 then 1.1. and still nothing. >>>>

If you cannot open the Belkin Router's configuration pages by typing its IP address of into your web browser, it may be because your network adapter hasn't been able to get its IP address in the same Subnet (IP address range) as the router from the router's DHCP server.

Try giving the Local Area Connection in your PC a fixed IP address. In its TCP/IP Properties, type in:

IP address -

Subnet Mask -

Default Gateway - (the Router's IP address)

DNS Server - (the Router's IP address)

Once you have the router set up properly, you should be able to return the Local Area Connection to getting its IP address automatically, but be sure also to set the DNS Server back to getting its address automatically.

  Fad Gadget 21:11 23 Sep 2007

Wow.. what a weekend... My head is totaly mashed.

After returning the ethernet cable to PC world, they asked if I could also bring in the Base unit of my "Mesh" PC.

After running some tests it turns out that the network port was never enabled! So much so, that the PC didn't even have any drives etc.

So PC world had to change the comps bios and add some drives all for the handsome sum of £30.

I feel kinda cheated by Mesh computers in that they sold me a 90% working PC. Can I claim my £30 back? (or is that another storey).

Oh well, tomorrow I will attempt to install the router once more.

In the meantime i'm off to lie down in a darkend room.

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