Belkin N Router Problems

  anthonyhayes 14:06 29 Jan 2010

Hi Guys i am new to this forum just wanted any help i can get please this may take a while to explain(Noob with computers)

I bought a Belkin G Wirless Router about 2 years ago and it has never caused me any troubles at all, logging in to the net, downloading and browing the internet at the same time was fine too, as well as playing on my PS3, logging into my iphone the lot no problem.

Couple of weeks ago my laptop/PS3 kept dropping its internet connection and as the weeks/days went by it got worse so i called belkin support who could not find a problem, i bit the bullet and went to PC World and bought a new Belkin N Router for £60 and all i have had for the few days i have had it is bother!!!

It took me ages to config it and now i am online with it i cannot do things i could with the G router, if i am downloading its very slow to browse the net even having 2 pages open ist very very slow, if i search via my iPhone for the Belkin it does not find it, plus my PS3 is very slow when i am playing online.

Please can anyone help me i would sit here all day to fix this problem its driving me crazy, Now i have just noticed if i try and download music etc i get an internet explorer cannot view this web page.


  mgmcc 20:29 29 Jan 2010

Unless you have any 802.11n Wireless Network Adapters, set the Router to use "g" or "b&g", depending on the options available.

What encryption are you using? I'd suggest initially at least, trying WPA-PSK with TKIP and a password of between 8 and 63 characters.

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