Belkin - log in details for security set up, etc

  fussymare 22:57 08 Dec 2008

I am trying to set up wireless security for our broadband connection through a Belkin router.

I have found the router's configuration page, but before I can change any settings it asks me to log in. I can't recall having any user name and password set up, but it is years since we installed it!

I can probably find the manual somewhere if I search - would it be in here? Are there default settings if we haven't set a user name and password?

As both my husband and I need wireless internet to work from home, and I have two World of Warcraft addicted sons, I am worried about changing anything and losing all internet access permanently!

Can anyone help please?

  rdave13 00:11 09 Dec 2008

Have a look at this long list and scroll down to Belkin; click here

  rdave13 00:20 09 Dec 2008

Should have added it's only for default login details.

  fussymare 07:16 09 Dec 2008

Many thanks. will try logging in with those details and see what happens. :O)

  fussymare 07:24 09 Dec 2008

OK, well I feel stupid now as there was no password set, so I got straight in to the configuration page leaving the password box blank.

I can now set a password. It asks me for current password, and then to enter new password twice. I presume I just leave the current password box blank?

  fussymare 07:47 09 Dec 2008

Sorry - one final question I hope! Have now set a password, and want to change security, as currently disabled.

I presume I select WPA/WPA2 Personal (PSK) option from the menu? And it is asking me to enter a Pre-Shared Key. Is this something we make up from scratch, or something else? Is this the key we will have to enter each time we log on to wireless internet once set up, as in this case I need to make it memorable.

Thank you.

  rdave13 00:03 10 Dec 2008

Don't have a Belking but I found this and hopefully will be of some help. click here . Scroll down to wireless configuration. Usually you set up the router using a pc connected to it via Ethernet. The other PCs or laptops need to use the wireless setup wizard to enter the key so they can connect. Assuming they have a LAN card. Once entered then they connect automatically given a good signal.

  fussymare 07:39 10 Dec 2008

Thank you. :O)

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