Belkin G+MIMO wireless connection speed

  gadanga 16:49 27 Aug 2007

I got a belkin G+MIMO modem router to which I recently bought a matching laptop network adaptor card.My connection speed is still 54Mbps!
This is the same as the standard 11g speed.
I thought G+MIMO can run at up to 125Mbps.
I run WPA2 encryption and windows wireless network connection manager
I tried running the router with no security and set to default settings but no luck. I also tried it with belkins own network connection software; same result.
Any ideas or suggestions?

  Taff™ 21:05 27 Aug 2007

Type "Belkin G+MIMO long range tests" into Google (without Quotations) and read a few reviews. The theoretical maximum is 125Mbps and this varies according to range and local conditions. Any obstructions or conflicting wireless transmissions etc etc

If you are consistently getting 54Mbps, you`re doing better than me! My 11g router fluctuates all the time between 24 and 48Mbps which quite frankly doesn`t bother me too much. I`m waiting for the full N standard.

  Ashrich 00:40 28 Aug 2007

Go into the set up pages and have a look around in the wireless section , there should be a drop down box allowing you to select the connection type and speed , , you are probably set to be able to use b and g , try setting to g only with " turbo " or however the call it for the speed enhancements , save the setting and reboot the router and PC , then reconnect .


  gadanga 21:11 29 Aug 2007

HI Ashrich
on my router set up web page, there is no facility to selecting connection speed only wireless mode ("11.g or 11.g&b). Is your outer a uk brand?

  Ashrich 22:29 29 Aug 2007

Hi , I don't actually have this router , and as for the speed selection , 802.11g is 54 Mb/s and 802.11b is 11Mb/s . Is this an F5D9630 router , as I've just been through my collection of .pdf's for various routers and it seems that the Belkin G+ Mimo wireless router only supports 54Mb/s , so you won't achieve your goal of 125 Mb/s .


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