coolteach 15:19 24 Jan 2006

I would just like to warn anybody who owns the v2000 vesrion of the belkin F5D7632-4 adsl modem router to be extremely cautious in updating their firmware to the latest 1.01.10 version which has recently appeared on the official belkin website.

When I updated to the new firmware it completely ruined the wireless connectivity of my router and as a result I had to replace the router. I also contacted belkin technical support but they could not offer a solution.

I would therefore suggest that any F5D7632-4 v2000 owners do not update their firmware as it could kill the wireless connectivity of their router. It could have just been that I was unlucky but I would strongly advise against a firmware update.

  coolteach 22:59 20 Feb 2006

Just a quick reminder!

  keewaa 15:23 21 Feb 2006

If i go to belkin's site and look for support for 7632 it comes up with all these. I thought manufacturers made 1 model for a particular model number and firmware updates were applicable to the model. Anyone know what all these are?

Select a product below:
ADSL Modem With Built-In 11g Wireless Router
ADSL Modem with Wireless-G Router
ADSL Modem With Built-In 11g Wireless Router
ADSL Modem with Wireless-G Router
ADSL Modem With Built-In 11g Wireless Router

  keewaa 15:24 21 Feb 2006

and if you had a v2000 and searched for formware updates, Belkin would only provide updates suited to that model.

  ade.h 15:56 21 Feb 2006

ADSL Modem With Built-In 11g Wireless Router"

That's how mine is described, but with a version 2000 suffix.

Frankly, everyone should approach all kinds of firmware and BIOS updates for any device with the attitude that if it isn't broken, don't try to fix it.

If you have an issue, be fairly sure that the new firmware will cure it before going ahead.

As mine has worked just fine, it won't ever get an update.

  EffBee 19:56 25 Feb 2006

Today I had the same problem upgrading the firmware for my F5D7633uk4A - ADSL Modem with High-Speed Mode Wireless-G Router. The offending firmware was downloaded and the router upgraded. It tried to reboot but now it just sits with a permanent red light glowing on the power button and it just wont boot-up. I have tried a 'soft' Reset and a Factory Default one but nothing works. I appears truly 'dead' (can't even get to the Router Homepage to check anything). The firmware to AVOID is F5D7633-4AV1_UK_1.00.11.BIN. I've emailed Belkin but don't hold-out much hope of a satisfactory resolution.

  ade.h 21:09 25 Feb 2006

Were you experiencing a specific problem or fault that would be likely to be cured by a firmware upgrade?

If not, why on earth would you want to upgrade it?

Firmware versions must be treated with the same caution as BIOS revisions.

ONLY update if these criteria are met; 1) you have an issue or fault and 2) it is likely to be fixed by an update.

  Dickie69 22:03 07 Oct 2007

Dear all - I've been having some problems with the NAT on my F5D7632-4 so I was forced to go through the firmware update and proceeded to have poor and intermittent wireless connections.

After some investigations it appears that no matter what channel I select in the management interface, the router is only ever using channel 1 (which as people have been described is likely to get interference from other devices - I was using 10 previously).

I've contacted Belkin support, who have suggested I change the wireless channel (sic), but I can't reply as their website is down.

More info as I get it...

  ronski_uk 16:46 20 Dec 2007

To Dickie69,

Last night I reported exactly the same symptoms to Belkin Support, and received what sounds like a very similar (automated maybe!) response - one not dissimilar to what I've come to expect of MS Word's paper clip helper...

Anyway, my router's always picked up by the Belkin Wireless Monitor and Netstumbler etc. as being on Channel 1, regardless of which channel I select in the Management Console.

A new neighbour appears to have joined me on Ch 1, so I need to move away! (channel, that is - not house!!)

Likewise, I'll post here if Belkin come back with anything useful that might help you.


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