belkin f5d 7632-4 v aol

  jasperwolves 16:03 22 Jan 2006

bought belkin got microtechs to install
after 4.5 hrs they have given up[trying to get £75.00 back]seems prob is with screen name
is it poss to install this belkin[help required in plain english nowt to tech
aol gold
windows xp home
been on belkin help site they advised send it back did so 2nd belkin still wont work

  Fingees 16:22 22 Jan 2006

I Presume you're talking about modem/router.

I use one OK.

Start by connecting to PC either by ethernet lead, or USB.
It can be done wirelessly, but easier with direct connection.

open browser and enter the following into address bar

This will take you to the set up page of te router.

You will probably find your way from there.

Anyway it's a start.

  Fingees 16:29 22 Jan 2006

Forgot to mention

Study instructions on cd that will help

all the best

  Mikè 16:47 22 Jan 2006

Some good advice here click here

  ade.h 17:39 22 Jan 2006

That is the same model of router that I use. It is very easy indeed to set up. But...

I have no experience of AOHell; can you tell us if there is anything specific/unusual about this ISP's config that or could be causing your problems?

  Mikè 18:02 22 Jan 2006

Your username has to be in the format [email protected]

The password cannot be longer than eight characters long.

The password must consist of letters and numbers only (i.e. no special characters, such as ! £ ? % and spaces).

The password must be all lowercase (no CAPITALS allowed).

  jasperwolves 19:11 22 Jan 2006

when i was watching engineer set this up he was unable to get into mtu ? to set it at 1400
also probs with i think that is my sreen name plus
he informed me that as i did not have one his words not mine
i was unable to connect multiply users

  jasperwolves 17:28 23 Jan 2006

got so far but as said i use aol[not 4 much longer]need MTU to set to 1400 were the ell is that
looked in menu on left still cant find mtu

  Mike D 17:50 23 Jan 2006


I am not at home with my router, so I am working from memory! MTU if I remember rightly is under one of the sub headings down the left hand side of the screen. Is there one called router settings?

Explore, make a note of anything you change so that you can go back, I don't think you will break it.


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