Belkin F57632-4 ASDL Flashing Light

  robbiepaul79 09:43 05 Sep 2007

Hi All

Friday night went to sleep all working ok.

Woke up Saturday morning with flashing green light.

Made all the various phone calls and checks over last few days, turns ot line is fine cables check out but still flahing green light seems router just cant see the line for some reason.

Any ideas before i go out and spend my hard earned cash on a new router.

  Chris1986 10:29 05 Sep 2007

is the router connected straight to the phone line, or is it a cable router?

  brundle 11:04 05 Sep 2007

ADSL would indicate phone line...

Seeing as you don't say what checks you've done I may cover things you already tried;

Disconnect all other phone devices, try another filter, try another cable from socket to router, plug the belkin directly into the test socket you can find by unscrewing the lower half of your master socket (well, if you have the correct type, if you unscrew it and find no other connector you're out of luck), borrow another router or test it on a friend's ADSL line.

  robbiepaul79 11:42 05 Sep 2007

OK thanks for input looks like im shop bound, annoying id rather something blew up than just stop working for no good reason.

  robbiepaul79 09:08 06 Sep 2007

seems these routers have a lifetime warranty im in process of talking with technical support.

Noticed my connection through my bog standard speedtouch modem is alot faster than the router was, maybe this was a blessing in disguise.

  geofpt 16:35 06 Sep 2007

Just went through 7 days of same thing on a new install with VirginMedia. Router kept disconnecting and ADSL light flashing. Eventually it would log in again. Belkin support suggested enabling "Dial on Demand" and setting Idle Time to 0, and as well I found increasing MTU to 1492 and enabling IMCP ping an BOTH router and PC got it going again. Changed filter as well. Also speed initially seemed to be less than on my modem as well, but it now seems to have stabilized now.

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