belkin contact number

  conrail 11:52 14 Mar 2006

having problems with a belkin wireless router network adaptor, suddenly stopped connecting to the internet, have tried repair and reinstall and although device manager says it is working ok and the light is flashing it is not connecting, currently using the router with a cable so connecting that way, have tried ringing belkin on 0080022355460 (web page says use the 00, but just get a continuous tone, have tried just 0800, anybody got a belkins uk number or know how to sort out the problem, cannot leave the cable plugged in as laptop is used by daughter in her bedroom and router is by main pc, aso have another pc and laptop connected with no problems

  sikefula 12:09 14 Mar 2006

try them on 01933352000 and ask to be put through to tech assistance-have dealt with them before and their tech assistance is second to none(well,of all co I have dealt with i.e.)-they will keep you right there and then,good luck!

  conrail 12:20 14 Mar 2006

thanks sikefula, have tried them but they are busy so will have to try later, your help is greatly appreciated

  conrail 14:44 15 Mar 2006

been trying to phone Belkin since this time yesterday, put on hold then call terminated as they are busy, I have also twice filled in their online tech support form, so looking for help here please,
using xp pro with a Belkin wireless 802.11g router, F5D7231 + 4 usb adaptors, F5D7050, on 2 pc's and 2 laptops, suddenly unable to access the internet via any of them, have tried reinstalling without success, once installed they are not recognised, the adaptor lights flash but not connecting, also on pc + 1 laptop I am asked for a key? Currently using the router via a cable on main pc. Please advise as son and daughter need access to university notes posted on internet and wife needs access to company website.

  conrail 20:48 25 Mar 2006

finaly a reply from belkin, had to reset router and change a few settings but everything fine now, thanks for your help

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