Belkin connectivity problem.

  Chippo 11:39 27 Dec 2005

Just got Belkin wireless P5D7231.

On opening says to connent cable from modem to computer into rear of belkin router. Trouble is cable going into my PC is a USB type but going into router is different.

Have I got wrong router or can I get a different cable.

If I change cable to what port on PC will it go in.


  mgmcc 13:19 27 Dec 2005

The model number is actually F5D7231 and this is a "stand-alone" Cable/DSL router sutable for connection to a modem that supports an ethernet connection.

This is ideal if you have Cable broadband (NTL or Telewest) but if your sevice is ADSL over the phone line, you really need a combined "Router/ADSL Modem" to replace the USB modem.

To connect to a wireless router, the PC should have [a] a "wired" network adapter installed (required for the initial configuration of the router) and [b] if you want to connect "wirelessly, a Wireless Network adapter.

  Chippo 18:31 27 Dec 2005

Cheers MGMCC

Been down to PCW today and was advised to buy Linksys ADSL Gateway with modem WAG54GS and a wireless USB network adaptor WUSB54GS and it still wont bloody work as I apparently need an ethernet adaptor to set up the modem in the first place.

CAn anyone pleaase just tell me very simply what make. model etc I need to get this up anfd running.

At the mo I'm running an ADSL modem to my main PC thru a USB cable.

I want to connent wirelessly two laptops to this system.

Any help gratefully received.


  Newuser4343 19:44 27 Dec 2005

Do you have cable broadband or ADSL

  mgmcc 20:31 27 Dec 2005

<<< it still wont bloody work as I apparently need an ethernet adaptor to set up the modem in the first place >>>

...which is what I said in my earlier posting.

However, as you have a PC and two laptops, surely one of the three has a network adapter installed which you could use just for the initial configuration? It doesn't matter which computer you use to set it all up.

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