Belkin Card Reader

  TomG 19:33 07 Sep 2003


I've just bought a Belkin card reader and installed it ok (the drive is showing in my computer) but no matter how i insert the card from my Kodak camera i cannot see the images. But i can see the images in my camera's back screen.

How do I get the card reader to work (I followed the orientation shown in the manual)?

  jomitch 19:38 07 Sep 2003

Do you have a program on your computer that can aquire the images. You need the program to process the images once you have downloaded them. What operating system have you installed on your computer

  TomG 19:41 07 Sep 2003


I'm using XP home and am using paint shop pro 7.

All I get when I click on the card readers image in may computer is "please insert a disk"

  jomitch 20:03 07 Sep 2003

Has paint shop pro got aquire photo's in it. I haven't used that one so I don't know. But on the program I have I have to configure the program and tell it where to get the photo's from.If your card reader is configured properly you will have an extra drive on your computer for the card reader configure your your photo prog to get the photo's from that drive

  hssutton 20:39 07 Sep 2003

I think you will find that all imaging software will read direct from the memory card, assuming that the reader is recognised in my computer. just open your imaging program, then click on "File" then "Open" then click on whichever letter your reader as been designated as.

  TomG 18:48 08 Sep 2003

I've phoned Belkin - evidently my card is the wrong voltage (???) to be recognised by the reader. Theres nothing on the box that mentions this nor in the manual - can anyone tell me are belkin pulling my plonker?

  Wobby 19:09 08 Sep 2003

I don't believe you need any other software to access the photos on the card. As long as the reader and card are compatible you should just double click the my computer icon and view the files. Best guess - reader is faulty. Voltage waffle sounds silly.

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