belkin adsl router 8meg max synch problem

  Nessie 23:11 23 May 2006

I was put up to an 8meg max broadband connection from my 1 meg connection. I can connect on my pci adsl modem at 1.5meg. My problem is when I use my belkin adsl router 7632 ver 1000 it will not synch up to the line. I have phoned belkin and they say that I should ask BT for a whoosh test. Can anyone tell me what a whoosh test is, give any advise on how to sort the problem or am I better to go back to my 1 meg service. Any help would be great. Cheers

  Nessie 23:51 23 May 2006

I thought my firmware was up to date as only one listed for this router

  Graham ® 09:08 24 May 2006

Whoosh Test - The BT engineer conducts this test to make sure that your line has a signal loss of less than 45dB between the master socket and the telephone exchange.

I don't think your ISP will put you back on 1 Mb.

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