Belkin ADSL modem with wireless G router problems.

  Neil-260574 19:39 08 May 2005

I am not network savvy but have taken the plunge. I have two PC'S both running Windows XP SP2. One has an ASUS mother board A8V Deluxe with WI-FI card (PCI). The other is a matsonic mother board with a Safecom WI-FI card (PCI).
The ASUS MB has an onboard Marvell Yukon 88E8001 Ethernet card.

I have purchased a Belkin ADSL Modem with wireless G router.I have connected this to the ASUS PC. I have followed the installation instructions to the letter but am unable to connect to the Internet nor set up my home network as a result. When I plug the cable into the Ethernet port the system tray notification states that a network cable is unplugged. Will this still show even if only one PC is connected?
My ISP is Pipex and I currently connect with a Fujitsu USB modem. I have scoured the Internet to no avail for help.

So basically, No network cable is plugged in according to the system tray, even though it is. My system reports that the card is working with no conflicts.

The ethernet cable is brand new
the adsl modem/router is brand new.
I can still connect to my ISP with my old modem.
Both WI-FI cards are brand new and fitted correctly.

Please help!

Neil Simcox

  selfbuild 20:13 08 May 2005

The ethernet cable..... is it a patch or cross-over cable?

  Neil-260574 20:47 08 May 2005

Its a patch cable

  Neil-260574 21:26 08 May 2005

forgot to say...cable supplied with the modem/router

  PurplePenny 12:26 09 May 2005

I had exactly the same problem last week (with the same router) but I did get it working eventually so there is hope.

I used Belkin's helpline and they insisted that the router *was* connecting to the phone line but not to my ISP so it had to be a fault with my ISP related settings.

I contacted my ISP who said that if I could still connect with my old ADSL modem, then I was using the correct settings (which makes sense).

I tried resetting the router, both by using the "restore to factory default" option on the setup screen and by holding in the reset button on the router. Still had a big red "not connected" on the setup screen.

I e-mailed Belkin who said that it was undoubtedly just a faulty configuration and that all I had to do was reset the router and start again. I couldn't see how that would help since I'd already done that several times and both Belkin's helpline and my ISP had confirmed that the configuration settings were correct.

BUT ... I did it ... and somewhere along the line I did something right because it started working.

I put in all the same settings as before, the only thing that I changed was that I pulled out the router to PC cable (the PC that I was using to set it up) and put it back in a different socket.

It worked for a day and half but yesterday it lost its connection and I had to do fiddle to get it back, including the trick of moving the cable.

I wish that I could tell you what it was that I did to get the Belkin router working but I really don't know. All I can suggest is that you reset the router and start again. (BTW In the manual it say that you should hold the reset button in for six seconds but the support e-mail said to hold it in for 40 seconds.)

  Neil-260574 17:57 09 May 2005

Hi Penny,

Thanks for your encouraging words..glad your probs are sorted, Mine still remain.

Belkin had me running between computers..unplugging and plugging the modem/router..checking IP addresses...checking the other machine was strange as it will be a wireless network when up and running. It identified the belkin router but could not aquire a network address.

After 40 minutes of speaking to a technie...he cut me off!!!

Still no connection

  PurplePenny 00:05 10 May 2005

Have you tried e-mailing? ([email protected]) I got a really quick reply. I too did lots of plugging and unplugging of router and modem (and quit a bit of banging my head whilst crawling back out from under the desk!).

My problems aren't completely sorted :-( After the connection was dropped yesterday afternoon, first I had to fiddle to get it back on the cabled PC, then it took most of today to get the laptop (wireless) to find/recognize/connect to the network. In the end I had to use a system restore from about a week ago and then reinstall the Belkin USB adapter. Next I'll be posting on here about my other PC .......

Good luck. Do try the complete reset, holding the button in for 40 seconds.

  Neil-260574 06:20 10 May 2005

hmmm..tried all your suggestions Penny. Nothing worked. In the end I tried the router/modem on another PC. Guess worked first time.

It looks like the marvell/yukon Ethernet card on the ASUS mobo is dead. Great huh...only had the mobo for less than a month.

Oh well back to the drawing board...well to ASUS helpline lol.

Thanks for your help

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