Belarc query

  Ozy 21:31 10 Nov 2012

belarc advisor gives a totally different key number to the key number I installed Windows 8 on, this also applies to my second computer, and Windows 7 on my laptop. has anyone tried to install with a belarc key, would it work? I ask only as a passing interest

  lotvic 21:37 10 Nov 2012

Are all these installs ones you have done from a DVD and typed in the product key? or did second pc and laptop come pre installed and product key is different to the sticker on case?

My retail W7 that I installed from DVD matches with key that SIW (free) finds. I haven't tried it with belarc.

Have you tried any other key finders to see if you still get same result?

  rdave13 22:01 10 Nov 2012

You can only find a retail disc key. OEM keys are well hidden for a reason I suspect. If you upgraded to Win 8 on the back of another Windows OS then it is an OEM version. Tied to the motherboard and non transferrable. If you have the retail Win 7 disc then you can install that again once the win 8 upgraded PC dies. What do you expect for 28 squids, or thereabouts ,from Microsoft? :)

  Ozy 22:38 10 Nov 2012

firstly, the Windows 7 I upgraded from was retail, and the windows 8 is also a 50quid retail, I have just tried Magic Jelly Bean, and that gave me a completely different number

  rdave13 22:41 10 Nov 2012

50 squids retail? I don't think so.

  lotvic 23:44 10 Nov 2012

I have no problem finding my Dell oem pre-installed pre-activated product key for XP. Although that key will not be accepted for an install from DVD and I would have to use the key on the case sticker.

  rdave13 23:58 10 Nov 2012

lotvic Win 8 is another step in hiding the key. You can't install without typing the key. Totally different to the other previous Windows OSs. Person at work seems to be confident that 8 can be downloaded, installed and activated by, I assume, P2P illegal downloads. He's been doing similar stuff for a while so will be getting a call from his ISP, I should think, to state that they monitor his downloads in the near future.

Lets be clear about Win 8 upgrade, it's OEM, dies with the PC, needs key as installation continues otherwise fails.

Oh yes , a good OS, with or without touch screens in my very humble opinion.

  lotvic 00:13 11 Nov 2012

I didn't mention Windows 8 rdave13, (you seem to be a bit tetchy these days?) I thought it was known that the free keyfinders will return a wrong key for W8.

However they should work ok for W7. I can't doublecheck on that as am a harddrive short at mo' as grandchildren got click happy at half term... :(

  rdave13 00:24 11 Nov 2012

lotvic , my apologies if I seem tetchy but I don't mean to be so. The free key finders will not work with Win 7 unless retail. Same with Vista.

XP is so long ago then these key finding registry software might work. I don't know.

Let your grand children look at the PC but always let them hammer an old laptop, which you've created an image from, and a good stock of keyboard keys.

  lotvic 01:20 11 Nov 2012

My W7 is retail. I had xp on separate harddrive, swapped over and set up for lads as it works better for their games. Little tykes plugged my w7 hdd in as well... now seems dead as dodo. Am waiting for delivery new drives to restore image to. Mental note to self - make sure hdd's are safely under lock and key and not in same room. Am counting my blessings that my data is on a different hdd and is intact (and it's backed up to an ext harddrive as well)

I don't know much of anything about w8 other than w8 oem pre-installed has the product key in bios and inserts key without user input if o/s is reinstalled. Don't think you even get a sticker with key on case.

That doesn't apply to upgrades obviously.

  rdave13 10:14 11 Nov 2012

" plugged my w7 hdd in as well... ", wonder what went through your mind when you realised what they'd done lol!

Strange that the drive died though.

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