Belarc audit. AV and Norton

  Beth 16:23 28 May 2005

I haven't looked in for a while and, since I've been having problems which I haven't been able to fix, I decided to ask for help. It turns out that some of the recent posts have pretty well answered my questions.

I came across something about the Belarc Advisor programme and thought I'd give it a try. It tells me I need to reinstall a Windows update. I've found it on the Microsoft site. It's a security update (Q323255). Where do I save it to - or should I pay any attention to what the programme is telling me?

My PC has never been the same since I installed the latest Norton security stuff so it was interesting to read the comments re Norton on the posting about AV rip-offs. They just confirmed what I was thinking and I'm sure now that an uninstall would be a wise move and I'll have a look at the free programmes recommended.

(Oops - a little Norton box just popped up this minute and told me somebody's had a go. I won't change my mind, though.)

  Beth 16:34 28 May 2005

No. Sorry, I should have said. I'm still chugging along with 98SE

  Beth 15:00 29 May 2005

I got that far but from 'download' it goes to a 'Save As' box and I'm not sure which directory to send it to.

  Beth 19:17 01 Jun 2005

Thanks VoG. Appreciate your help.

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