belarc advisor ??

  surfmonkey #:@} 02:00 16 Mar 2006

just out of curiosity i installled belarc advisor to see what was actually in and on my pc. after it made the profile i noticed that the product key on pc sticker didn`t match the on showing on the belarc profile can some one please tell me y if they know that is thanks

  PC Bilbo 07:44 16 Mar 2006

It's possible that, if it's Win XP, reinstallation at some point in the past failed and a new product key had to be obtained from Microsoft.

Another explanation could be that the original OEM installation failed and if it's a pc like e-Machine, Dell, HP etc that was supplied with no proper operating sys. dsk,someone installed from a different disk either legally or illegally.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:36 16 Mar 2006

My Medion is the same windows product key does not match the sticker.

Got caught with the genuine validation from MS when first updated. Informed MS and a month later was told by Medion error was due to the way Big firms batch load the hard drives.

  dms05 12:59 16 Mar 2006

Just checked on my new Acer laptop. Belarc reports the wrong Key number for the original XP Home as installed by Acer. My documentation from Acer reports the same as the sticker. I haven't had a problem when downloading/verifying from MS.

  spuds 13:12 16 Mar 2006

It shows how different systems can give different results using Belarc. The product key on this computer (XP Home oem) is exactly the same as the sticker.

One thing that I did notice according to Belarc, the motherboard as three memory slots, and one is vacant. Strange really, I can only find two slots, and both of them are in use!.

  surfmonkey #:@} 14:51 16 Mar 2006

so if i had to do a windows reinstall which product code would i actally use

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:39 16 Mar 2006

The one on the sticker

  surfmonkey #:@} 17:53 17 Mar 2006

thanks for your help

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