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  @Home 11:36 09 Feb 2004

In this day and age of constant Internet Viruses and Hackers, I was wondering if we are possibly being a bit too paranoid about these threats. I know good up to Antivirus goes without saying.

I have got myself Trend Micro’s Internet Security package but have turned off the built-in Firewall and installed Zonealarm. Reason being, that the built in firewall doesn’t tell you which applications are trying to get in and out. It just tells me which Port is being used.

A point to mention here is that the built in firewall passed all the probe tests I threw at it, Gibson and the Sygate on-line test. But it failed the Gibson Leak test.

So what I was wondering is, am I being over cautious? If the Trend Firewall passes all the probe tests, should I be bothered what applications are trying to get in and out? It is stopping coming in what it is meant to stop coming in, so is doing its job. Is the leak test really that important?
Are hackers really that bothered about my Home PC and the junk that I have got stored on it?

I would be interested in your thoughts.

Out of curiosity, what AV and Firewall are you using?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:33 09 Feb 2004

You are far too paranoid. No home computer will get hacked. the 'alerts' are merely web handshakes from ISPs and servers that check to see if you are still online. Use you MacAfee AV and firewall and you will be more than protected. Home computers contain utter drivel that, whilst important to th owner is dull, dull, dull to the outsider. the Gibson Leak test is a little over the top as is the man himself. he used to be a marketeer and it shows.


  @Home 12:57 09 Feb 2004

Thanks for the reply GANDALF <|:-)>.

Has anyone else got any thoughts on this.

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