Being blocked by Google!??

  octal 06:49 09 Feb 2006

Has anyone else come across this before?

click here

I was doing a search on Google, I got upto page 4 then went away to make myself a cup of tea, when I returned I clicked on page 5 and got the above.

  octal 06:55 09 Feb 2006

There's more, I went back and tried to do another search and got this click here I thought they've blacklisted me! Anyway I've cleared the cache and tried again and everything seems back to normal now.

  Fingees 10:46 09 Feb 2006

It has happened to me, when I did have a virus.

The encoded part asking for you to send of the letters, confirms to them it is a genuine request

  octal 13:04 09 Feb 2006

Thanks, I use Linux and Bitdefender AV says no virus detected, no surprises there because the only virus I've ever found are Windows ones that do nothing on my machine.

Maybe it doesn't like my operating system.

  Dipso 13:18 09 Feb 2006

I had a couple of these "We're sorry" things last week. I scanned for viruses butnone found.

I have recently configured my browser to use my ISP's proxy and have had some strange happenings, so I put it down to that.

A Google brings up some other ideas.

Since the 2 occasions last week I haven't had a problem.

  SG Atlantis® 14:25 09 Feb 2006

I've had that a few times, I just closed the browser run ccleaner to get rid of temp files and It's been fine after that.

I have never found a virus on this new computer, of course that doesnt mean I don't have one, but all the scans show clear...

  octal 17:54 09 Feb 2006

Thanks for the replies, its obviously not a widespread problem so I'll tick resolved.

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