being able to read dbx files

  Damarc 18:34 13 Nov 2011

In transferring old emails to new computer, they materialised into dbx files and I can't open them. Have searched for freebie software but have been lulled into so called 'free' software to find out that I have to register for a trial or buy it after I've gone through the installing process.

Can I have a truly free software to do this or another way of opening up these files please?

  lotvic 18:40 13 Nov 2011

Like all files, they need a specific type of program to open them.

.dbx is a database of your emails and used by Outlook Express (your previous email client).

You need to import them into your present email client. That may or may not be easy depending on which email client you are using on your new computer.

Please post details of new computer and client in use and then someone who knows how to import them to your new email client will be able to help you.

  Damarc 19:01 13 Nov 2011

I've got adell studio and use ms office outlook, same as old pc. I thought I could click on file (without being in ms outlook) and it would automatically open in it.

  Damarc 10:16 18 Nov 2011

I've tried the import method and still need help. I have a file which I saved from my old pc with the dbx extension. When I tried to import in MS Outlook from 'another file or programme' there wasn't a choice for this, only 'Outlook express versions'. When I clicked on OExpress I was expecting there to be a further choice of file location, which there wasn't. It just said there were no Outlook express file.

  lotvic 13:51 18 Nov 2011

this will open .dbx

  lotvic 13:53 18 Nov 2011

Darn that link formatting it changes text between two _'s to italics


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