Beginners Java

  pcwhizz 21:39 17 Apr 2004

Could any of you intelligent web designers point me in the right direction for a novice guide to java script. I learn quite fast so once ive learnt the basics ill be away.

But like a house i need foundations!

Soory about the waffling!



  Taran 09:02 18 Apr 2004

The easiest way to begin any new language is often to use the Internet resources to their best advantage.

Go to Google click here and use this as your search query, including the quote marks:


A couple of good links to get you going:

click here

click here

click here

Note that this assumes you did actually mean JavaScript and not Java, which is a different beast entirely.

The above links include some excellent resource material and samples which cover all the basics. The sites I've linked to also cover pretty much any and every programming language you could want to play with to one degree or another.

Good luck with it.

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