beginner trying to make a simple auction website

  markhill 23:50 05 Aug 2009

I am very new to building websites and am trying to find a way to build an auction website (on the skinniest of a shoe-string budget). From my limited knowledge I can see that this cannot be done with the average webeditor programmes offered by web hosts.

So, I have found several free and low cost auction scripts which seem to have most of what I am looking for (a simple model of ebay, essentially). Yet, I don't have a clue of what to with them or how to install. (1) For tne most part, are these scripts not just ready-made websites?

(2) If I download a script, is it not similar to a web editing programme, like website tonight from godaddy?

One site that has what looks to be a particularly good auction script is: click here

(3) Do I need some sort of technical software to run this? Or just a hosting account that meets all the requirements?

Please advice as to what the basic steps would be to set up this simple ecommerce site. All I've got covered so far is the domain name/hosting.

Many thanks,


  Forum Editor 07:40 07 Aug 2009

1. Yes, the script will perform as a ready-made site.

2. The script will come complete with a host of configurable options, and you customise it once it's installed on the server.

3. You don't need any additional software; as long as your hosting package meets the script's requirements it will run.

The people who sell these scripts will offer an installation service - for a few pounds they'll install the script for you, and make sure all the necessary server-side facilities are up and running. All you have to do is configure the various options, and carry out basic maintenance tasks.

When considering this project make sure that you've covered the bases - auction sites can bring their own set of problems, and you'll need to have a comprehensive set of policy rules in place before you even begin. You don't want to find yourself landed with a bunch of complaints from dissatisfied purchasers and/or sellers unless you have a clear-cut dispute resolution policy in place and visible for all to see. Whatever you do, don't launch your site until you've covered this aspect of things, thinking that disputes won't occur, because they will.

Running an on-line auction site can be fraught with legal complications, and you'll need to be aware of the various consumer protection acts now in force. There isn't space to go into a detailed explanation here, but I strongly advise you to consult a lawyer who specialises in consumer protection law before you commence trading. If you don't you may find yourself in serious difficulties at an early stage.

  Forum Editor 08:11 07 Aug 2009

that you'll need to register as a data controller with the Information Commissioner's office.

click here

  markhill 12:18 07 Aug 2009

All of that was extremely helpful! Much appreciated.

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