Befroe I go any further

  slowhand_1000 18:53 15 Sep 2003

I would welcome some feedback on this please. I thought I would stop where I am if the response(s) dictate major changes.

click here

Only the link to Home and Contact pages work at the moment and I am short of an image for the homepage.

It's an attempt on updating this

click here although she who must be obeyed prefers this one. I know, I know, I am taking my life in my hands going against her :-)



  harristweed 20:13 15 Sep 2003

Two things

Change times new roman to anything!

Center the page

  Gaz 25 22:24 15 Sep 2003

Both great pages!

How did you create them, just out of intrest?

  slowhand_1000 22:55 15 Sep 2003

harristweed. Havn't got any Times on there. Everything is done in Arial. The page position will be sorted when all pages are done.

Gaz 25. I used Photoshop (very limited knowledge)to draw a complete image, bar the text in the body and Image Ready (even less knowledge than Photoshop) for the rollovers and optimisation. Then cut it into slices and used Dreamweaver (getting to grips with it, slowly) for the html.

  Forum Editor 23:15 15 Sep 2003

what an improvement this is.

I'm in agreement with "she who must be obeyed" on this question - use that version, it's great. You should feel very pleased with yourself, and if you notice I'm absent from the forum for long periods you'll find me on your site, playing Tailgunner - addictive, isn't it?

  slowhand_1000 00:42 16 Sep 2003

though it doesn't take a lot :-)


If I read it correct you prefer the old version - as "she who must......" does. The one in the 2nd link with all the pages live with the menu on the left.


The new one with only the 2 pages live and horizontal menu.

If thats the case it looks like the original stays and I owe her a drink. :-(



  Inigo 02:24 16 Sep 2003

I'll throw in a couple of things too:

I'd make the design fill the whole window - set the table width and height to 100%. This may cause you a few problems with things like the typeset image, and also the lack of a lot of content, but it'll look better than having masses of white space surrounding the page in the browser window.

The definition at the bottom of the page's a bit difficult to read too - maybe this should be moved onto the darker colour below, so that it stands out better?

  slowhand_1000 08:26 16 Sep 2003


Initially it was set up using my lads pc as a guide. He is viewing at 800 x 600 on a 15" screen. But maybe I have trimmed it back a bit to much.
Agree with you about the content, I will have to find some more. The definition will be moved as well.


  slowhand_1000 14:38 24 Sep 2003

Well thats it finished (I hope). I've increased the width of page and got rid of white background as suggested.

click here

It's on a freespace ntl site at the moment that really seems slow (browsing from here for the last 2-3 days has been slow). I have a feeling though it may take to long to load on dial up.



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